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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Trials and Tribulations of the Job Hunt

          Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting up with 2 former PCOM PA classmates! I have seen a few PCOM people since graduation.  It is unfortunate that many are in different states otherwise we would meet more often.  Over dinner we discussed the cons of job hunting.  Unfortunately, there are not many pros.  It was a pretty prevalent theme that job searching was not fun.  However, I am not a very aggressive job hunter and at times you really need to be.  It was definitely a learning process. It is important to follow up sending applications with a call but also it is just as important to know the line between aggressive and annoyingly pushy.  For example one of my classmates has even shown up to ground rounds in order to get a job.

          We also discussed stories of the let downs we have had in "the processes".  Many of us have had leads to jobs or the prospect of an interview that fell through.  For example, I was offered an interview a few weeks before taking the job I have now. The email stated they wanted to set up a phone interview that week.  I gave them my schedule and waited for them to contact me, a few days went by and and heard nothing so I called and emailed and still heard nothing.  To this day, 2 weeks later, I have yet to hear about setting up an interview. Luckily, I was offered a job somewhere else.

          Similarly, I was called in November by a place I interviewed in back in August.  In the voicemail it seemed like I had gotten the position and that they wanted to speak to me.  This was a Family Medicine job close to where I live, basically what I was dreaming for.  I called them back within 10 minutes and left a message. Over the course of 2 months I repeatedly called and left messages with no call back. How companies can do this to applicants is beyond me, but unfortunately it happens.  Some of my classmates have had similar stories.

          Another problem my classmates have faced is "the choice".  This is when you have more than 1 job offer and you are forced to choose within a certain amount of time.  During this time you could also be waiting for a call back for a position that you have always wanted.  So, the question is do you wait for the job you have always wanted with the potential of not getting the position BUT losing an opportunity on the job you were offered. Conversely, do you give up on the job you hoped for and take the job you were offered.  It is a tough game out there. I am lucky enough to no have the problem but the 2 girls I met with are in that predicament.

          Lastly, there are many places you will interview that will just never call you back.  I have had many interviews that I thought went great and I never heard anything.  It is definitely discouraging. I almost wish they would have called and told me I did not get the position. This way I could have asked what I could have done better for future interviews.

          This blog was not meant to discourage anyone, it is merely to show that this is what happens in real life.  If you know then you can prepare accordingly.  So, don't put all your eggs in one basket! Thankfully, it seems that my 2 classmates have job offers.  In this economy and job market, we have to be thankful for jobs. I know I am, especially right before the New Year.  It must be the holiday spirit in the air!

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