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Friday, December 14, 2012

Peace of Mind

     I woke up this morning feeling so refreshed and happy. It is so amazing how much of a difference a job makes.  I just wanted to write a quick post for those who are still searching for jobs. DON'T give up and DON'T be down.  I was feeling like maybe there was something wrong with me, the truth is some places want people with more experience or a certain personality that I just did not fit.  Keep up hope, you will find something that fits you.  That being said, don't settle if you get a bad feeling. I had that happen to me twice. Once I felt like I was settling with the Long Term Care job and I felt uncomfortable with a Physician I met with in a Family Practice last week. My advice would be open your mind to new possibilities.  Dig deep into your personality, for me I wanted a job that I would get experience and LEARN.  It took me 5 months to find a job, initially I was searching for the perfect Family med or Peds job and when I could not find it I tried to get a shoo-in job.  Once I got that position, I realized that I was settling and not happy.  After that I learned that even though I have an interest in Family Med and Peds, I should be looking for a job that I should ultimately be learning from.  I chose a job that has a lot of promise and opportunity that allows for personal growth. I am very anxious about this position but I know deep down that I am confident in the training I received from PCOM and in my own abilities as a Physician Assistant.  I can't wait to start on my new journey!


  1. Hi Ms. Pilchman. Congrats on the job! Do you have any advice on how to get enough health care experience that most PA schools require?

  2. Health care experience was definitely something that I lacked going into applying. I would try to shadow as much as possible and volunteer on an ambulance or in the ER. I was lucky to have had experience doing research for 3 months. Basically what I did was on my application I only had a few hours shadowing a PA. What while waiting for interview requests was shadow as much as possible. When I got interviews I mentioned that I knew that part of my application was lacking but I had been working on that and built up 100-200 more hours. I brought letters proving that this was true. I also made sure to shadow in many different areas of medicine- I had Family Med, ER, ICU, Internal Med, and GI. Good luck to you, let me know if I can help you further. Thanks for the congratulations.