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Thursday, December 13, 2012


I can finally post that I have a job! After months of interviewing and job searching, I finally got a good offer and I took it.  I will be working in Orthopedics.  It was not a field I was initially looking for, I wanted primary care, however, if you read my last blog, I am looking for a job that I can learn from.  I did not think I could learn from the homecare job. I enjoy being part of a team. From that point on I decided to broaden my job search to positions I know I would enjoy and learn from. I immediately added ER, Urgent Care, and Orthopedics. I am so glad I got a hit.  I will be working with postoperative orthopedic patients. I know this job will be challenging but I am confident that with my training from PCOM and the additional training I will receive in this job that it will be a good fit. I am hoping to start in Jan or February! In the meantime I am going to enjoy the holidays and read up for the new job!

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