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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Last Blog Entry

Hello Readers,

      As 2013 is coming to a close I can't help but reflect on how amazing this year has been! I started my first job as a PA, celebrated 1 year of being a PA, started helping my PA school with grading and teaching, and got engaged. So many milestones in 1 year.

       Since I have not written in a while let me update you all.  My job is going so well. I am still working in Orthopedics and loving it! I work with the most amazing PAs, MDs/DOs, and nurses.  They have all helped me to become a better practitioner and person. My patients are for the most part awesome.  Each one has a unique personality that I get to see.  It amazes me that after having such a huge surgery that they are able to function so well. They are mostly very optimistic about their new lives with their new joints.  There are the occasional outliers that I find pride in raising their spirits. As a side note, I have the best boss anyone can ask for. He is always available, finds opportunities to teach, he is encouraging, and just an all around nice guy. Working nights is never easy, but the people, the experience, and the environment makes it all worth it. I, honestly, cant see myself leaving.

        Next on the agenda, teaching. It has always been my dream to teach. Even in college I was deciding between being a health care professional or a teacher.  I decided to go into health care for many reasons but one of them was I didn't know what I wanted to teach or who I wanted to teach.  When I started PA school it hit me. I want to help PA students. I am happy to say that I have begun doing this at PCOM. Who knew right? I have helped PA students suture and helped grade practical exams. I find this job very rewarding.  Not only do I get to constantly be reminded how far I have come from being a student. I also get to see some amazing students perform practical exams on standardized patients. It reminds me how great PCOM is as a PA school.  They really teach you proper technique and how to talk to patients in order to be an effective and likable practitioner.  Even amidst all the stress of PA school we all somehow come out alive. I am so thankful for being asked to help grade/teach these students.

       Finally, on Nov 15th, 2013 I got engaged! Very exciting news for me. My boyfriend (now fiance, I will never get used to this word), have been together 8 years. He has been with me through the stress of college, PA school, finding a job, etc.  He is truly my rock. Without him, I might not be the sane person I am today :) We can't wait to get married. As many of you know, preparing to get married takes a lot of work and time.  That on top of work and everything else makes it difficult for me to write more blog entries. So, unfortunately, I made the decision to stop blogging :( That being said, I loved being able to put myself out there for others either in PA school or thinking about PA school. I have talked to so many of you either on this site or off.  I really hope I helped give guidance and share what is was like to be a PA student and be a PA. I will really miss writing entries. I find solace in knowing I paved the way for other PCOM bloggers. Thank you to PCOM for giving me the opportunity once again! All the best to my readers. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!  Bring on 2014!


  1. Hi Jennifer! It is so great to read about your successes! I am very interested in attending PCOM for their physician assistant program as well and was wondering if it would be possible for me to ask you a few questions about the program? Please let me know!

    1. Thanks! Sorry I did not see this sooner... please email me at if you still have questions.

  2. Hi Jennifer !

    This is such an informative blog. Thanks so much for this.
    I was hoping you could give me some pointers for the interview process. Questions they asked and how you answered them. My biggest fear is the interview process because I've personally never been good at them. I'm TOO honest, and that becomes my downfall.
    I'm really interested in the program at PCOM and would love if you could help me out.

    Thanks !

    1. Sorry I did not see this sooner... please email me at thanks!

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