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Friday, October 5, 2012

Don't Settle, Go with your gut!

          This week I had to overcome an obstacle. This obstacle was not one that I predicted.  I thought I would share because maybe it will help someone else in my position. 

          On Tuesday I applied to a job.  The position was not in my field of choice but it was a job.  The job was in homecare, it paid really well, and the people who interviewed me were very nice.  At this point it has been 2+ months after graduation and I still don't have a job.  I have had a few interviews, all with no success. I say this not because I am disappointed but I want you all to know my current state prior to going into this interview.  A friend of mine from class got into this homecare job so I figured I would apply and see what they had to offer.  I went into the interview confident even though I knew I did not want to be in homecare for the rest of my life. The interview was straight forward, the staff friendly, and within 10 minutes I was offered the position.  I wont go into detail on the benefits of the jobs or the obvious red flags, but I will say that I told them I would think it over and get back to them.  Immediately when I got into my car I began to cry.  These were not tears of joy, for some reason I was very upset.
          Now, I have mentioned previously that both my parents are physicians so I came to them with my contract and asked for words of wisdom.   My parents were split on the decision but both gave sound advice.  My Dad said that it is a first job and it was good to get my foot in the door anywhere, however, he was concerned in the amount of distance I would have the potential to travel each day.  My mother recalled the days of her first job experience and how she felt terrified and needed the knowledge that there was someone in the office to bounce ideas off of if needed.  She feared that with me being alone on a daily basis that I would not get as much of the essential teaching during my first job that I need.  I have to admit, prior to talking to my parents I had more of a view of my father.   Later, I came home and my boyfriend immediately realized my distress and said, " You are so unhappy and you have not even taken the position yet."

          Long story short, I took a few day to think it over and decided not to take the position.  After making that decision I felt an immediate weight lifted off my shoulders.  I don't want to rush into a decision just because it's a job.  I want to be happy, after years of schooling I think I deserve that much. I wanted to tell my story because I felt that maybe someone somewhere would benefit from this.  Go with your gut, if something does not fit or you spontaneously start to cry after getting a position (like me) then maybe it is not right.

          So, I am currently still job searching and proud of it! I have a new perspective, I am applying to Family Med and Pediatric jobs like before but also other jobs that I know I will have a team by my side to bounce off ideas if needed.  This was definitely a learning experience but I know I made the right decision. 


  1. Yes!!!! Yet another great article. I feel the same way. We don't spend years in school solely because we want big paychecks. We want to discover our passion and live out our dreams. That is the most fulfilling aspect of it all.